Lindt Excellence 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Candy Bar, Dark Chocolate, 1.7 Oz. Bar

    Dive into the refined richness of Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% Cocoa with all your senses. This full-bodied individually wrapped 1.7 oz dark chocolate Bar, 1.7 oz. is made for the adventurous chocolate lover. The keto-friendly Bar, 1.7 oz. has complex notes of toasted walnut, tart red berries, and of course, pure unsweetened cocoa. Its dark color and earthy undertones make for an intense tasting experience. This robust and 100% sugar-free chocolate leaves lingering flavors on the palate and melts slowly, with a very small hint of sweetness which brings no regret. The rich flavors in this Bar, 1.7 oz. also make it an excellent choice for use in cooking. For those who crave the deepest, purest flavor of dark chocolate, the Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% Cocoa Bar, 1.7 oz. is an all-new level of chocolate intensity. Whether you prefer to indulge in Lindt EXCELLENCE for baking, as a dark chocolate gift, or paired with your favorite after-dinner drink, the complex flavor and sophisticated texture of our dark chocolate always delivers a gourmet experience. Masterfully crafted with the highest-quality ingredients, Lindt EXCELLENCE is chocolate for the true aficionado. The Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% Cocoa Bar, 1.7 oz. is gluten free.