Celtic Sea Salt Pink Sea Salt

    Celtic Sea Salt® Pink Sea Salt. Since 1976. Refillable. Built-in grinder. pH Alkaline. 100% Sustainable. This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient. More nutritious than table salt. 4 oz (113 g). Celtic Sea Salt® Pink Sea Salt is not only attractive, it is has an elegant flavor with absolutely no additives. This amazing sustainable crystal pink sea salt gets its color from the natural red clay lined within the salt ponds. Pink salt is great for various types of applications and has become an instant favorite among culinary and health professionals. This natural pink sea salt holds many of the same virtues that Celtic Sea Salt® looks to only source the best ingredients for you. Packaged in the USA. Bring out the flavor in your dishes with Celtic Sea Salt® products. Call: 1-800-867-7258. Visit: www.selinanaturally.com.