Garnier Nutriotioniste Ultra Lift**

    SPF 15 sunscreen. Nutrition + Dermatology. Boosts resilience. Deep lifting action. Omega 3+6; Rice protein; Vitamin A. Boosts skin's resilience by fortifying surface-cells for deep-lifting action. Diminishes wrinkles, restores firmness, while intensely replenishing moisture. Is it right for me? Over time, skin loses its ability to retain essential nutrients, collagen begins to break down, wrinkles and loss of firmness occur. Ultra-Lift moisture cream SPF 15 is right for you if you want a daily solution targeting wrinkles, loss of firmness and dryness. How is it different? Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift is our 1st anti-wrinkle firming moisture cream that uses a unique combination of dermatological-nutrients with time-released ingredients. Fortifies surface-cells for deep-lifting action and continuously boosts skin's resilience. Dermatological-Nutrient Facts: Ultra-Lift with: Vitamin A - micro-encapsulated, continuously diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles; Omega 3+6 - rebuilds skin's protective barrier to keep moisture locked in; Rice Protein - fortifies skin's structure for a firmer look and feel. Clinically tested and reviewed by dermatologists and nutritionists. Results (Results when using Ultra-Lift moisture cream SPF 15 and night cream): Instantly: Skin is smoother and softer. In 4 Weeks: Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin feels firmer. With Continued Use: Skin is noticeably lifted, more resilient, and healthier-looking. Nutritional-Dermatology. A breakthrough approach in skin care. The beauty of your skin reflects your inner health and vitality. Skin's appearance is at its best when essential nutrients aid in stimulating and protecting skin cell activity throughout the surface layers of the skin. Thus, diet and nutrition, as well as lifestyle and aging, influence the beauty of your skin. Through collaboration with dermatologists and nutritionists, Garnier has developed an advanced skin care line with a unique combination of natural and essential dermatological-nutrients (Ingredient complexes developed exclusively by Garnier to work on skin's outer layer), surface-cell-recharging ingredients targeted to help your skin stay healthy-looking and beautiful, day after day. Dermatologist tested for safety. Non comedogenic - won't clog pores. Gentle to skin. Allergy tested. Non-greasy. SPF 15 protects from UVA/UVB rays to help fight and prevent premature signs of aging caused by the sun.