Hello Fresh Tostada, Ground Beef

    With salsa & hot sauce crema. Easy cleanup. Serves 2. Ready in 30 mins. Flip me to find the recipe card! Easy-to-cook recipe & pre-measured ingredients. Kit Includes: Dont forget to stock up on salt, pepper, and vegetable oil. Weve got the rest covered. Ground beef; Poblano pepper; Grape tomatoes; Flour tortillas; Yellow onion; Sour cream; Lime; Southwest Spice Blend; Mexican cheese blend; Beef stock concentrate; Chili powder; Hot sauce. Easy to cook. Easy to love. Recipe card inside! hellofresh.com. For more recipe & exclusive deals, head to hellofresh.com/yum. Great news! This sleeve and tray are 100% recyclable. Made in the USA. Product of: Ground beef USA, Flour tortillas USA, Grape tomatoes USA/Canada/Mexico, Yellow onion USA/Canada/Mexico, Lime USA/Mexico, Mexican cheese blend USA, Poblano pepper USA/Mexico, Sour cream USA, Beef stock concentrate USA, Southwest spice blend China/India/USA/Mexico, Hot sauce USA, Chili powder USA.